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Hi bloggers.  Am going to talk about free tonight.  No, not Free the wonder hippy but the kind of things we can do on the internet that doesn’t cost money.  Two words, Open Source.  That means free.  Software hasn’t always been free and in a bummer economy free is good.  Word press is an open source web publishing program.  Countless hours of techy craft have gone into making it free and easier than ever to use for you and me.  Hey, my bank account is light so I am looking for cheap thrills.  On the topic of free open source software have you ever heard of GIMP 2.6?  It is a free open source photo editing program that is every bit as good as the expensive Adobe software.  Now I have the freedom to manipulate photos into free artwork to be freely published on my free blog for anyone on the planet with an internet connection to look at.  It gets better too, not only am I enjoying my freedom of speech but I am doing it from my free Linux operating system called Ubuntu.  So I broadcast to you tonight of my own free will as Loubuntu from my laptop (un-free) and internet connection (also not free).  I cannot wait to read what so many of you have freely shared.  Hope to make some friends (friendship is free).  Woo Hoo!  Am jazzed up about freedom.  Nice to meet you all.

C. Louis 2/28/2010